Lead Crystal® batteries can be used in every application in which lead-acid, lead-gel or AGM batteries have been used to date. In fact, it means almost all applications in the automotive and manufacturing industries and outdoors, both for back-up (stand-by) and cyclic use. Every application has its own specific characteristics and requirements, and the Lead Crystal® battery can meet them all. A true all-rounder that's also environmentally-friendly.

The overview below is not exhaustive. Please contact us if your application is not included in the list.

  • UPS systems and back-up systems,
  • Central emergency lighting systems, stand-alone solar applications such as charge stations, pay and display machines, routing displays, pumping stations, traffic monitoring systems, LED street lighting, internal transport
  • Traffic services
  • Civil maritime engineering, medical applications in beds, patient lifts, motor scooters and wheelchairs
  • Start-stop systems in motorized vehicles
  • Industrial back-up systems
  • Mining vehicles and systems
  • Railway signalling systems
  • Storage of wind and solar power
Solar systems wind energy
Electrically operated vehicles Uninterrupted power supply systems
Back-up systems for telecommunication systems Railway signalling systems

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