Everything new raises questions. That’s only natural. Please don’t hesitate to put your questions to Elfa Elementenfabriek. You won’t be the first one. The most relevant questions asked are listed and answered below.

What is a Lead Crystal® battery?

A Lead Crystal® battery is a new type of battery with special qualities and patented innovations:

  • The battery is effectively sealed and maintenance free
  • The batteries are not classified as ‘hazardous goods’ and thus may be transported by air
  • The battery uses a recombination method to prevent the emission of hydrogen and oxygen, which is something that can happen with a conventional lead-acid battery.
  • The battery is almost completely dry and for that reason, it can be built into almost any situation. (Upside-down installation, however, is not recommended).

What is the service life of your batteries in general?

The service life of a battery is often used as a marketing tool. Often, integrity is not a key feature of such claims. The best performance of one’s own product is compared with the poorest performance of a product of the competition. The only fair comparison is to determine the actual service life in a practical situation under similar circumstances.

One way of predicting the difference in service life and the performance of a battery is assessing the quantities and types of material used in the manufacturing process. The Lead Crystal® battery is made of several chemical components with a longer than average life span. That is the basis for long and trouble-free use.

Have Lead Crystal® batteries been developed as an alternative to lead-acid batteries?

Yes. Lead-acid batteries for cyclic use can be replaced by Lead Crystal® batteries. The marginally higher purchase price will be compensated generously by the very long service life and the significantly better performance.

What is the life span of a Lead Crystal® battery?

A lead-acid battery has can handle an average of 300 to 500 charge cycles. At 25 ˚C, a Lead Crystal® battery can handle well over 6000 charge/discharge cycles at 20% DOD. In addition with normal float charging a calender life span of 18 years is possible.

After how much storage time does a Lead Crystal® battery need to be recharged?

The Lead Crystal® battery has an extremely low self-discharge. The batteries will keep 95% of the nominal capacity after 3 to 24 months (maximum) of storage, without affecting the battery’s life span.

At what temperature can Lead Crystal® batteries be used?

The Lead Crystal® battery can operate in a wide temperature range, from -40 °C to +65 °C, and has 85% of the rated capacity at 10 °C. At -40 °C , the battery still has 45% capacity.

How come that the Lead Crystal® battery can even be transported by air as non-hazardous goods?

The batteries have non-corrosive electrolyte compositions, thanks to which they are classified as ‘non-hazardous goods’. Therefore, the batteries can be easily transported by air, sea and road.

Do Lead Crystal® batteries have better charge and discharge features than standard lead-acid batteries?

Yes, Lead Crystal® batteries can be discharged very quickly (max 10 C) and charged (2x faster than some other batteries) without any problem. 100% discharging is possible, without causing any damage to the battery.

Can Lead Crystal® batteries be installed in sealed battery boxes?

No, never install the battery in a completely sealed box. Although most of the usual gases (oxygen and hydrogen) in a Lead Crystal® battery recombine and are not discharged, they may escape if the battery is overcharged. For safety reasons, these explosive gases must be able to escape into the atmosphere and may never be contained in a sealed battery box or a small enclosed area.

What size of Lead Crystal® battery do I need for my specific application?

Determine the number of amperes your application requires from the battery and the length of time you need that quantity. Multiply both values to calculate the necessary number of ampere hours (Ah). Add a 20% safety margin to the product and select a battery from our list, using the Ah quantity determined as the decisive factor. Parallel battery configurations give higher electrical currents and serial battery configurations give a higher voltage. In either case, the storage capacity (watt hour, Wh) is increased by the power that each extra individual battery has.

How long have Lead Crystal® batteries been on the market?

Betta Batteries started producing this type of battery in 1994.

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