Our claims are something different: Lead Crystal® batteries are the best performing lead-based batteries in the world. And we can prove that. In fact, we can even say that these batteries are always the best solution, if we take the total cost of ownership into account. And if you want to see performance in all dimensions, it’s good to know that Lead Crystal® batteries are also the best performing batteries in terms of durability. At least 99% of the battery can be recycled, and it will not emit any hazardous corrosive vapours in normal operation(according to research from the Dutch Technical University of Eindhoven).

Lead Crystal® batteries perform better

Lead Crystal® batteries are highly reliable, hugely flexible and outperform any other type of battery. The batteries are designed for deep discharge, have a long service life and can be discharged over and over again. The battery keeps performing, even at extreme temperatures. And every time, the battery recovers to its full rated capacity.

Lead Crystal® batteries have unique technology

All Lead Crystal® batteries have a unique micro-porous high-absorbency mat (AGM) and lead-calcium-selenium-plates with a high level of purity. The safe SiO2-electrolyte solution solidifies to a white crystalline powder when the battery is charged. This technology was developed in South Africa and has proven its worth throughout the world.

Lead Crystal® batteries are cleaner as well as safe 

The batteries contain far less acid, and do not contain any cadmium or antimony. Moreover, Lead Crystal® batteries are up to 99% recyclable (we are working as hard as we can to make that 100%) and are classified as  non-hazardous goods for the purpose of transport. Even by aircraft.   

Lead Crystal® batteries are widely applicable

Lead Crystal® batteries are used throughout the world in the telecom sector, in uninterruptible power supply systems, in the petrochemical industry and in the military. The Lead Crystal® battery is used in many places where people are working towards sustainable energy (wind & solar power) but also in the health-care sector, by manufacturing and transport businesses and wherever electrical motive power is required (from wheelchair to golf cart).

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