Betta Batteries is a leading company in the development, manufactue and commercialization of a new generation of industrial batteries. A creative accelerator specializing in ground-breaking innovations and green technologies. Based on the unique Lead Crystal® technology, Betta Batteries’ industrial lead-based batteries are cleaner and more versatile, and they give a better performance. Lead Crystal® batteries reduce operational costs. The aim of 100% sustainability in every aspect of its operations is strongly embedded in the company’s DNA. Betta Batteries keeps on working on new innovative green-power solutions. By looking actively for joint ventures and partnerships with progressive market players, the organization wants to accelerate the introduction of better and greener products. Betta Batteries wants to give the industry the power to change.]

The company was incorporated in 2009 and has since made huge progress, for example by entering into partnerships with leading distributors throughout the world, and running a growing number of reference projects with industrial market leaders. As a young and promising market player, building close partnerships with highly-qualified and experienced distributors in technological products, such as Elfa, is an essential part of its business model. This enables Betta Batteries to provide its customers service at the highest level, including technical advice in advance of a purchase, customized solutions and after-sales support.

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